About Best Practice Regulation Updates

Best Practice Regulation Updates contains a listing of all regulatory proposals decided by the Australian Government, and by COAG and Ministerial Councils that required the preparation of a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS). Best Practice Regulation Updates is maintained by the Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) and will include the OBPR’s assessments of compliance with the RIS requirements.

Regulatory matters will be posted on Best Practice Regulation Updates as soon as practicable following public announcement of a regulatory decision. Where a RIS has been prepared and made available for publication it will be included on Best Practice Regulation Updates.  In addition to RISs, Post-Implementation Review (PIR) reports will also be published. If a RIS was not prepared as part of initial policy development, a PIR must commence within 1-2 years of implementation of a regulation.

Where a RIS is not prepared, is assessed as inadequate or when the agency does not grant approval for the document to be published, the OBPR will clearly note this on Best Practice Regulation Updates.   

Information that can be found on Best Practice Regulation Updates includes:

·         RIS documents

·         OBPR’s assessment of the RIS

·         PIR documents

·         OBPR’s assessment of the PIR

·         A brief abstract detailing the introduced / reviewed regulation

·         Date the RIS / PIR document was published on Best Practice Regulation Updates

·         Comments

Searching the RIS Register

You can use the left hand side menu to browse the RIS register by RIS categories, month or recent statements. You can also search the register using key words.

Receive Notifications

You can subscribe to the RIS Register via RSS to receive notifications when new items are published.

Provide Your Comments

Best Practice Regulation Updates makes provision for you to post comments against recently announced regulatory proposals. Your comments are welcomed, but will be subject to moderation. Where appropriate, comments will be passed on to the relevant regulation maker or used by the OBPR to inform our assessment of future RISs. The OBPR will not ordinarily respond directly to any comments posted.

Should you prefer to provide comments directly to the OBPR in private send an email to the address shown on the contact page.